Welcome to my Page

Hello! Welcome to my personal webpage. I'm mostly using it for media logging and analysis at the moment, check out the site navigation on the right for more!

Update Log


Added a new review to the Movies tab. I'm at 49 Vampire films seen so far, I'll have to choose a good one to be 50!


Added a new review to the Movies tab.


Changed body copy from Pixel Operator to Jenevers. I actually took an online typography class over these past few days and realized I wanted the reviews on here to be more readable.


Uploaded review (these aren't really reviews) for All Hail West Texas by The Mountain Goats, over on the Music tab.


Uploaded review (kind of) for Pony by Orville Peck, over on the Music tab.


Uploaded reviews! And by uploaded I mean "linked to original Letterboxed review" because there's so much data there that's a real pain to copy over. In the future I may make reviews just for this site but for now, links save a lot of space.


Updated the music page with top albums and the movies page with all of the vampire movies I've seen. I still have to upload the reviews I've done, but that's for a different day.


As of today, all the pages are set up and the basic format is done! Everything is still pretty bare bones but I have some idea of what I'm doing, moving forward. Poke around and you'll see some of the plans I have jotted down.